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Romy Brock, Coach and Organizational Consultant

In 1991 I started working for Linguarama, an international language school based in the UK, and since then hardly a day's gone by when I haven't spoken English. I feel completely at home in the language, and British culture has deeply influenced both my professional and personal life.


As a school manager leading an international team of trainers from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Australia and New Zealand as well as several other European countries I managed true diversity, and I value this experience very highly. Above all, it was the differences and similarities in the learning and working cultures of German and English speaking natives that I found the most interesting and inspiring.


Almost seven years of Gestalt consultancy training starting in the 1990s, many projects working with individuals, groups and teams since then, and ongoing supervision have helped me hone my approach and style as a change consultant. Please contact me if you're seeking a coach, support for team development in an international organisation, or somebody to facilitate a meeting in English.


Just give me a call or drop me an email:

+49 371. 9119 2441

“A dream you dream alone is only a dream.

A dream you dream together is reality.”

John Lennon

Book recommendations

  • “Theory U: Leading from the future as it emerges” by Otto Scharmer
  • “Helping: How to offer, receive and give help” by Edgar Schein
  • “Organizational Culture” by Edgar Schein

Romy Brock

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Telefon: 0371. 9119 2441